Music Theatre of Wenatchee

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The Short Shakespeareans
Director - Sherry Chastain Schreck

Celebrating their 33rd year!
August 4-6 & 11-13 - 7:00 PM
Riverside Playhouse


Prospero, the right Duke of Milan - Jacob Scott
Miranda, daughter of Prospero - Joy Baumeister
Caliban, a savage and deformed slave - Spencer Canada
Caliban's little brother - Mason Atwood
Ferdinand, Son to the King of Naples - Christopher Danko
Antonia, Prospero's sister, the usurping Duchess of Milan - Rebecca Schmidt
Alonso, King of Naples - Lara Hefner
Sebastian, Brother to the King of Naples - Olivia Guevara
Adrian, a Lord - Madison Littler
Francisco, a Lord. - Olive Ryan
Gonzalo, an honest old councilor - Allie Osgood
Stephano, a tipsy butler - Vivian Noyd
Trinculo #1, a jester - Maddy Atwood
Trinculo #2, a jester - Cassandra Noyd
Ariel #1, an airy spirit 0Emma Savage
Ariel #2, an airy spirit - Indika Kerby
Ariel #3, an airy spirit - Ana Schmidt
Ariel #4, an airy spirit - Alyssa Woods
Ariel #5, an airy spirit - Abby Danko
Master of the Ship - Jazmine White
Boatswain - Mason Atwood
Mariners - Zach Noyd, Zoe White
Queen Juno, a spirit-goddess - Jazmine White
Iris, a spirit-goddess - Olive Ryan
Ceres, a spirit-goddess - Zoe White
A nymph and reaper - Olive Ryan
A nymph and reaper - Jazmine White
A nymph and reape - Zoe White
A nymph - Madison Burrill Littler
A nymph - Olivia Noyd
Dogs - Zach Noyd, Mason Atwood
Sycorax, a witch; Venus, a spirit-goddess of love - Olivia Noyd

High School Student Assistants - Tessa Baumeister, Emily Danko
Vocalist - Robbie Robbins


A former Duke of Milan and now magician, Prospero, who has lost his kingdom to his sibling, Antonia, and King Alonso of Naples (under Spanish influence), has ended up on this island with his daughter, Miranda.  They now inhabit it with fairy sprites named Ariel, and a fish-monster, Caliban.  A shipwreck occurs near this lonely island that is much like one in the New World (perhaps Bermuda).  A group of noblemen on the ship have been victims of a terrible storm created by Prospero and his Ariel servants.  Prospero knows that his enemies are on board and means to bring calamity to the group for his own purposes.  Miranda is aghast at the fate of the ship and its passengers.  However, when they “land” on the island, they are not harmed.

Caliban collects firewood for Prospero and annoys his master and Miranda; he also dreams of the enchanting music of the island.  He is characterized by his savage, yet comic disposition.

The party of noblemen appears on various parts of the island after the shipwreck.  Antonia, who has stolen her brother’s dukedom is with her friends, Sebastian, Adrian, and Francisco, as well as an old, wise counselor, Gonzalo.  King Alonso is also with the group, but he is in deep grief because he has lost his dear son, Ferdinand, who was last seen amidst the giant waves created by the storm.  He assumes that Ferdinand has lost his life.

Caliban is found hiding under a blanket by three of the men, a butler named Stephano, and two jesters named Trinculo.  Stephano has been floating on a keg of ale before he arrives on land.  He shares his ale with Caliban.  Caliban is impressed by Stephano and wants to be his servant.  He wants to leave the service of Prospero, whom he despises.  Stephano pretends to be Caliban’s “King.”

The handsome young prince, Ferdinand, is on the island, looking for his father, when he runs into Miranda, who immediately captures his heart.  She immediately falls in love with him (having seen no other young men), and he is captivated by Prospero’s beautiful daughter.

The Tempest is filled with twists and turns as Prospero wields his “white magic.”  He commands his enemies’ hearts to change to “good” and berates them for their evil deeds.  He reclaims his dukedom and crown.  At the conclusion of the play, he arranges a JOYFUL wedding celebration for Miranda and Ferdinand, commanding the fantastical spirits, Juno, Ceres, and Iris to offer their blessings.  His kingdom is restored, and in the end, he sets his Ariels free and gives up his magical powers.

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