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Attention, all MTW members!  Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 23rd, from 4-6 PM at the Riverside Playhouse.  We'll be having our annual August BBQ.  Come on down for some great food, good conversations, a short update on MTW operations, and fantastic promos from our upcoming season.  You'll get a glimpse of the Short Shakes, A Streetcar Named Desire, Boeing Boeing, and Mary Poppins!


Monty Python's SPAMALOT is now up and,, using two empty halves of coconuts and banging them together...

Well, at any rate, the show is a hit!  Audiences are loving it and wanting to come back for more.  So, get your tickets now and tell all your friends about the show.  It runs until May 16th.  Tickets are available at the Numerica Performing Arts Center!

(Our brilliant cast solemnly preparing to find the Grail!!!)

Also, if you're a subscriber to the Wenatchee World, you can check out this article about the show!

Thank you to everybody who came to auditions...
We were impressed by the amazing talent, but unfortunately we were unable to cast everyone. We appreciate your time and effort & encourage you to try out again for future shows. Keep your eye on the website ( & Facebook for notice regarding upcoming auditions & productions. Thanks you!

Congratulations to the cast of SPAMALOT...
1st meeting Monday 1/12 at 7pm @ Riverside Playhouse!

Thank you,
Paul Atwood

Historian / Dancing Monk / Brother Maynard / Knight Jacob Scott
King Arthur Dave Williams
Patsy Marlon Browne
Sir Robin Kevin McKee
Lancelot / Black Knight Rob Spradlin
Sir Galahad (Dennis)  / Ni Knight Matt Cadman
Sir Bedevere Brad Behrens
Not So Dead Fred / Dancing Nun / Prince Herbert / Knight Cody Gillin
Lady of the Lake Nancy Zahn
Finland Mayor / Sir Not Appearing / Knight John Mausser
French Taunter / Finland Man 1 / Knight Bud Halle
Herbert's Father / Finland Man 2 / Knight Michael Carlos
Frenchie 1 / Knight Jeffery Reece
Minstrel / Knight David Belmont
Concorde / Knight Jason Rolfs
Guard 1 / Knight Marcus Stewart
Guard 2 / Knight Josh Rico
Bors / Knight Adam Straight
Frog / Mime / Knight Zach Savage
Mother / Ensemble TJ Farrell
Lakergirl / Showgirl / Ensemble Dani Schafer-Cloke
Lakergirl / Showgirl / Ensemble Megan McCord
Lakergirl / Showgirl / Ensemble Katie Renggli
Lakergirl / Showgirl / Ensemble Morgan Lucas
Lakergirl / Ensemble Lisa McKee
Lakergirl / Ensemble Vicki Michael
Eponine / Ensemble Eloise Sheets

MTW would like to thank everyone who came out and auditioned for Our Town, MTW's Winter, 2015 show.  We are very pleased to announce the following cast list:


Cast List

Stage Manager - Brent Youlden

Emily Webb - Halina Velazquez

George Gibbs - Chris Danko

Dr. Gibbs - Milo Klanke

Mrs. Gibbs - Dylan Spradlin

Mr. Webb - Mike Magnotti

Mrs. Webb - Cynthia Brown

Simon Stimson - Matthew Pippin

Rebecca Gibbs - Abby Danko

Wally Webb - Rowan Kappler

Howie Newsome - Jacob Scott

Constable Warren - John Sexson

Mrs. Soames - Julia Anne Davis

Professor Willard - Sue Lawson

Man in Auditorium - Phil Gregg

Woman in Auditorium - Susan Gillan

Piano - Mari Groff

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Tickets for all Music Theatre of Wenatchee productions can be purchased at the box office located at the Numerica Performing Arts Center of Wenatchee.

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