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Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Guys and Dolls! We know that the audition process can be stressful, so we applaud your courage, and we were blown away by the talent we saw! We had to make some very difficult decisions, but we are confident that we have a fantastic cast for this show!


Guys and Dolls

Cast List

Sky Masterson                                  Ernest Palmer                                  

            Understudy                               Michael McCormick                                    

Sarah Brown                                     Alanna Hamilton                             

            Understudy                               Eloise Sheets                                       

Nathan Detroit                                  Kevin McKee                                               

            Understudy                               Skyler Cuthill                                        

Adelaide                                            Becca Chambers                                  

            Understudy                               Amanda Halle                                              

Nicely Nicely Johnson                    Jacob Scott                                      

Benny Southstreet                          Dave Williams                                 

Rusty Charlie/dancer                      Michael McCormick                        

Lt. Brannigan/gambler                     Skyler Cuthill                                               

Harry the Horse                                John McQuaig                                 

Big Jule                                             Stephen Kunkel                              

Angie the Ox/dancer                       Zach Savage                                               

Gambler/dancer                              Josiah Clifton                                  

Joey Biltmore/gambler                    Ettore Castellente                                 

Arvide Abernathy                             Greg Nord                                         

Gen. Matilda Cartwright                  TJ Farrell                                          

Mission Band/ensemble:

            Agatha                                   Mari Foreman Groff                        

            Martha                                    Stacia McRae                                  

                                                            Desiree Schmidt                             

                                                            Amanda Walker                              

                                                            Julie Kuntz                                       

                                                            Christy Kimmel                                

                                                            Carmyn Parks                                  

                                                            Maggie Ryan                                               

                                                            Deb McLaughlin                             

                                                            Jetta White                                       


Hot Box Dancers/ensemble:

            Mimi                                        Eloise Sheets                                  

                                                            Sarah Bersch                                  

                                                            Morgan Lucas                                 

                                                            Katie Renggli                                               

                                                            Amy Sand                                        

                                                            Emma Standerford                         

                                                            Trisha Miller                                     

                                                            Amanda Halle                                 

Master of Ceremonies                     Ettore Castellente                                 

Havana Dancers:                             Trisha Miller                                     

                                                            Amy Sand                                        

                                                            Sarah Bersch                                  

                                                            Zach Savage                                               

                                                            Michael McCormick                        

                                                            Josiah Clifton                                   

MTW is pleased to announce the amazing cast of Twelve Angry Men!  Thank you to the many people who came down and auditioned.


Twelve Angry Men Cast

Foreman  Daina Toevs
Juror 2  Emma Standerford
Juror 3  David Harvill
Juror 4  T.J. Farrell
Juror 5  Nicole Villacres
Juror 6  Mike Magnotti
Juror 7  Rob Spradlin
Juror 8  Jared Morgan
Juror 9  John Schulz
Juror 10  Marie Scanlon
Juror 11  Julie Anne Davis
Juror 12  Zach Savage
Bailiff  Douglas Callegario



Join us from 8 AM to 2 PM this Saturday for a theater "garage" sale at the Riverside Playhouse!

We're cleaning house!  Costumes!  Furniture!  Rugs!
Lots of unique items!  Multi-family.

All proceeds will go toward helping improve Music Theatre of Wenatchee's Riverside Playhouse.

MTW will be hosting a drop-in reception/celebration/memory-sharing event honoring the life of Keith Sexson on Saturday, June 17th from 2:00-5:00 PM at the Riverside Playhouse.  Light refreshments will be served and stories will be shared.  Come and celebrate the life of our beloved friend and mentor.

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